At Metalhead Kustoms, I built a reputation primarily in custom sheet metal work, however my expertise extends across a wide spectrum of additional metal services including chassis fabrication, bumper work, exhaust systems, non-automotive metal services and more. I’m fortunate to constantly field project opportunities that challenge, provoke creativity and require unique problem solving. This allows me to continually enhance my capabilities and craft.

However, I recognize that not every prospective project aligns perfectly with our standards of excellence. While I always appreciate the opportunity to collaborate, I want to ensure that the projects I take on showcase my best work and fulfill my customers’ desires. My dedication to creativity and innovation is at the heart of what we do, and I believe in sharing my work with the MHK community to excite and entertain.

I’m excited to collaborate on your project and invite you to reach out and discuss how we can bring yours to life. See below for expanded information on all the Services offered.


MHK specializes in an array of sheet metal fabrication services. From floors and firewalls to chop tops, MHK will bring your project to life with precision and top-notch craftsmanship.

Complete list of Sheet Metal services include:  

• Chop tops
• Floors
• Firewall
• Dash
• Transmission/driveshaft tunnel
• Inner fenders/mini tubs


Depending on the application and project needs, we offer modifications to your existing chassis or fully re-design and fabricated one off purpose build chassis. This includes precision-tuned suspension and steering.

Complete list of Chassis Fabrication services include:


• Perimeter frame
• Ladder frames
• Spaceframe (tube) chassis
• Integrated exhaust design


• Chassis swaps
• Custom engine mounts

Suspension and steering:

• Tubular control arms
• 4-link/3-link/Triangulated 4-link
• Trailing Arms
• Ladder Bars
• Air Suspension
• Four-bars
• Cross-steering


Exhaust services encompass a range of custom headers to full exhaust systems. All welds are back-purged to provide the utmost in stainless steel craftsmanship. Whether you’re looking to enhance your vehicle’s power, efficiency, or sound, MHK is ready to transform your exhaust system into a precision-tuned showstopper.

Complete list of custom exhausts services include:

Stainless Steel Headers:

• Full-length
• Shorty
• Mid-length
• 4-1
• Tri-Y

Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems:

• X-Pipe/H-Pipe/Y-Pipe
• Through or molded bumper exhaust
• Oval or Round tubing
• Side or rear dump


MHK offers a wide range of bumper services, including seamlessly tucking and fitting bumpers to your vehicle’s body, to crafting custom one-piece bumpers. If you’re seeking to achieve a sleeker look or enhance your vehicle’s aesthetics, MHK has the expertise to fulfill your needs.

Complete list of Bumper Work services include:

• Tuck and fit to body
• Custom one piece bumpers
• Hardware removal (no hardware install)
• Metal finishing


MHK also offers Non-Automotive Metal services for those who have unique projects in mind outside custom cars or bikes. MHK’s distinctive Non-Automotive Metal solutions are crafted to elevate both the  interior and exterior of your property, leaving a lasting impression you can appreciate for years to come.

Whether you’re seeking handcrafted gates and fencing or looking to deck out your space with one-of-a-kind metal art, let’s chat about your unique project.

Non-Automotive Metal services include but are not limited to:

• Commemorative keepsakes
• Custom mailboxes
• Stainless steel countertops
• Steel cabinets
• Custom entrance gates and man gates
• Dog kennels
• Ornamental iron work

To see some of my work, click Projects below.

For all those who’ve supported Metalhead Kustoms, thank you so much for making the adventure all the sweeter. And to those here for the first time, I invite you to be a part of it. Feel free to get in touch by clicking Contact below to kick start your project. Or if you’ve got questions, check out the FAQ page.



Go to Contact Us, select Project and fill out the description that describes your project needs best.


Once we have reviewed your project submission, an email will be provided.


For projects that are accepted, a deposit will be required to lock in the agreed start date.


Pick up of your project at the arranged time and location.


Your project begins, and continuous updates will be provided along the way.


Once completed, your project will be returned to the agreed delivery location.

Note: Due to shop size and timeline constraints, not all projects are accepted. Cancellation of a project has a non refundable amount of $250.If materials have been purchased and are non-returnable and/or have a restocking fee, it will be withdrawn from your deposit prior to refund.


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